Canada & Alaska

Both the Canadian Rockies and Alaska's Inside Passage boast nature's most spectacular landscapes with perfect mirror-imaged snowcapped mountains that reflect on glacial lakes. 

Canada presents one of the most unique destinations on the planet. Offering a broad range of cultural and geographical features.  The mighty Rocky Mountains and powerful pacific tides meet with vibrant communities in British Columbia, while urban flair mixes with cowboy cultural in Alberta.  The sights and sounds of historic Quebec are not to be missed and the friendly fishing villages of Atlantic Canada are well worth a visit.

Travelling to Alaska is like travelling to no other place on earth.  Images your delight when you spot a gizzly bear with a cub or two in tow.  That instant when the silence of a misty fjord is shattered by a pod of giant humpback whales, breaching high into the air, then crashing back against the sea.  This is the adventure of a lifetime.

Calgary Stampede

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The Best of Vancouver

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Sonora Resort, British Columbia

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Majestic Rockies

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Grand Western Canada Vacation

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Eastern US & Canada Discovery

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Farewell Harbour Lodge

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