Welcome to Vanuatu!

Efate is the main island, where the capital Port Vila is situated.   Port Vila is located around a magnificent natural harbour offering stunning views of Iririki, Ifira islands, and a look out all the way to Malapoa Point.  Vila is a pretty town. Clean and uncluttered, the waterfront area is unpolluted, visitors are stunned to look down from the seawall and see live corals and tropical fish. It's also fast becoming known as the gourmet capital of the South Pacific.

The potpourri of expatriate cultures is reflected in food styles served in over forty restaurants and cafes. You can buy an Aussie meat pie or American chili dog, sip cappuccino in one of the many outdoor cafes or purchase pates and salads from a patisserie in a supermarket to fill your picnic hamper.

Shopping is fun, easy going, and hassle free! There's no such thing as a hard sell or pushy salesman. Prices are fixed and bargaining is not a part of the friendly lifestyle.

The island has a rugged coastline and rolling verdant countryside, fast flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, isolated sandy bays and lagoons. The interior is verdant rain forest cut only by a few walking tracks to remote weather and radio beacons.