Intrepid Small Group Touring - $1 Deposit now on

Change your travel dreams into a reality with a $1 deposit

Have you ever dreamed of challenging yourself to a hike in the remotest parts of Patagonia, in search of glaciers as far as they eye can see? Or perhaps you’ve daydreamed, curious about eating street food in a smoky marketplace in Vietnam, alongside smiling locals?  Whatever your travel dream entails, there’s never been a better time to Be Intrepid.  Change your travel dream into a reality with a $1 deposit and join us for the adventure of a lifetime.  Terms and conditions and exclusions apply*. 

From 15 August 2018 to 30 September 2018, only $1 deposit will be required to secure your Intrepid Travel trip until Friday 16 November - on which date the deposit balance must be paid in full ($999 on Gorilla trips, $98 on ATA and 18-29 trips and $399 on other Intrepid trips). Full payment is required 56 days prior to departure. If booking within 56 days of departure, full payment is due immediately. 

The $1 deposit can be paid towards any Intrepid small group adventure or short break with the below exclusions: Polar trips – includes all itineraries in the Arctic and Antarctic; Private groups; Adventure Cruises including Galapagos Queen Beatrice trips, Expedition trips; Excluded trips are: GGOP, GGOX, UBWS, KFZG, WBSA, HHSI, CJZT, FESC, ENSC, XMSM, WBSY, ERSN, HNXV, YGSD, CBSG, TSST, HJSN, HHSA. Gorilla SBA: YGAG, Inca Trail trips - pre purchased permits are required to secure the trek.  Excluded trips are: GGSEC, GGCLC, GGCRC, GGTBC, GGTWC, GGSAC, GGSUC, GGSYC, GGBL, GGHA-C, GGHC-O, GGKIC, GGKY, GGSA, GGSQ, GGTA, GGSFC, GGHK-O, GGBNC, GGBPC, GGBTC, GGBWC, GGBQC, GGBQC, GGBZC; Peru trips operated by local partner Dragoman will be booked onto alternate Quechua trek.  If passenger chooses to book the Inca Trail instead, full $400 deposit will need to be collected.


Intrepid - Best of Morocco

15 days from $1.377

Intrepid - Best of Turkey

15 days from $1.633

Intrepid - Okavango Experience

10 nights from $1.685

Intrepid - Cycle Cuba

7 days from $1.765

Intrepid - Serengeti Trail

8 days from $1.921

Intrepid - Best of Cambodia

14 days from $2.030

Intrepid - Cycle Provence

8 days from $2.277

Intrepid - Balkan Adventure

15 nights from $2.632

Intrepid - Best of Cuba

15 days from $2.825

Intrepid - Best of Myanmar

15 days from $3.055

Intrepid - Best of Spain

15 days from $3.712

Intrepid - Botswana Highlights

9 days from $3.850

Intrepid - Best of Greece

15 days from $4.032

Intrepid - Gorillas & Game Parks

16 days from $4.235

Intrepid - Land of the Rising Sun

13 days from $5.345

Intrepid - Classic Japan

12 days from $6.255