South and Central America with Intrepid Group

Colourful, candid and everything in between, South and Central America beats to the rhythm of an infectious, eternal drum. It’s the sequined heat of Carnival or a cool breeze blowing across the Andes, the nostalgic drive in a Cuban Vintage car, a fiery Argentine tango and the soft silence of an Ecuadorian cloud forest. You taste it in the crackle of slow-cooked barbecue and the tang of a good pisco sour or a Mojito. About the only thing the regions lacks is monotony. From the rocky slopes of Galapagos to the dawn-lit ruins of Machu Picchu, South and Central America is effervescent with sights, sounds and salsa.

The Intrepid Group are specialists in Small Group Journeys, worldwide.  Currently a region which is very popular is South and Central America.  Intrepid group conducts trips to these regions that cater for anyone with a thirst for travel.


Intrepid Travel offers a variety of trips which range from their Basix (2 ½ Star), Original (3 star) to their Comfort (3 ½ star) levels.

Peregrine offer 4 star comfort, with all sightseeing and entrance fees included

Urban Adventures are half and full day tours which can be booked as part of these trips, or separately.


Every group is led by a Local Leader, who can offer insights that only ‘locals’ can, and open doors that are not known to most travellers.  The maximum group size is 16.  All journeys are carbon neutral and aim to make a positive impact on any destination travelled.



Top selling trips for South and Central America are listed below.