Croatia's location on the Adriatic Sea and its long coast are enough reason to travel there - its abundance of enchanting cities is a bonus. Croatia has woken the tourism industry up to its endless potential: cruise liners dock in its ports, spring breakers flock to its beaches, and honeymooners seek out its achingly romantic getaways.


Dubrovnik is Croatia's most famous destination city, its walled old town encapsulating the best of seaside life and the prosperity of medieval Dalmatia. Dubrovnik is one of the Eastern Europe's must-see cities!


But travellers to Croatia shouldn't end their exploration of this fascinating country in Dubrovnik. Croatia's cities and towns reveal the mysteries of past civilizations, proudly serve local cuisines, and protect rare treasures of art and architecture. Consider Split with its giant Roman palace, or Rovinj with its legendary church.


Croatia's culture is as colorful as the country itself. Embroidered folk costumes, traditional song and dance, and an exciting calendar of festivals and holidays mean that visitors to Croatia can begin to understand the country's identity and enjoy themselves at the same time.