A visit to Greece is the dream holiday of a lifetime. When thinking of holidays, people picture the long crystal Greek beaches and the relaxing beach taverns.


Greece is famous for the perfect climatic conditions. Not tropical and not arctic, this is a fantastic destination for every season.


The warm hospitality is one the main reasons to come to Greece. Feel free to mingle with the locals, have long chats with them or stop them at the street to ask for directions. They love it!


Even in the smallest piece of land in Greece, you will find a connection to the past. All around the country and the islands, there are monuments of various historical periods: from remains of ancient Greek temples to Byzantine monasteries and Neoclassical mansions.


Greece is famous for its healthy products, including virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and wine. These products are the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in proteins and low in saturated fats. These products are cooked together and make delicious dishes. Even in the smallest tavern in Greece, do not hesitate to taste local dishes. They will be totally different than any other ethnic recipe you have tasted so far.


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