Eastern Africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

East Africa is extremely beautiful; with magnificent wildlife, landscapes and friendly people.   Enjoy a once in a lifetime luxury safari with a refreshing stay in the region’s top-notch accommodation facilities.

Highlights of this region include Mt Killimanjaro, the striking red dress of the Maasai tribespeople, the amazing Serengeti National Park and the captivating landscapes of Rwanda & Uganda, home to the mountain gorillas.

Serengeti Trail

8 days from $2.395

Kenya Classic

6 nights from $3.135

Tanzania - Simba Safari

7 nights from $4.315

Gorillas & Game Parks

16 days from $4.350

Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

4 nights from $5.835

Handpicked Uganda

8 days from $6.989

Handpicked Kenya & Tanzania

15 nights from $8.665