Polar - Antarctica & The Arctic

Experience the most remote and pristine parts of our world where terrain is ruled entirely by nature; from breathtaking sights of icebergs to the abundant birdlife and marine mammals.  See walruses, penguins, lounging seals and polar bears playing in untouched surrounds, and the magnificent natural wonders of fjords, icebergs and the aurora.

A polar expedition is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Antarctica Express Air-Cruise

5 nights from $5,953

Arctic Earlybird 2018

9 nights from $8,895

Greenland's Disko Bay

9 nights from $9,060

Antarctica Earlybird 2018-19

11 days from $11,330

Antarctica - Crossing the Circle

14 days from $12,580

Arctic - Northwest Passage

17 days from $18,230

Arctic - The North Pole

14 days from $45,740